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Doesn’t it make a difference when you’ve got the right tool for the job at hand? Whether you’re a professional tradesman, a householder doing a bit of DIY or an aspiring chef cooking up a storm in the kitchen, the proper gizmo, widget or dooberry can cut your working time in half and double the quality of the results.

Have you ever tried to change a plug with the wrong size screwdriver? Restore paintbrushes that weren’t properly cleaned the last time you used them? Chop vegetables with a blunt kitchen knife? We needn’t go on. If you want to do a job right, in the home, garage, workshop or kitchen, come along to Touchwood of Wetherby for all your DIY, kitchen and gardening needs.

Open Every Day for DIY Advice

Pop into our store in Wetherby High Street – we’re open every day, so if you’re half way through decorating the sitting room and run out of paint you can nip in and get some more. Teenagers decided to borrow the car and it’s come back looking like they’ve been trying Motocross? Send them to us for all the car cleaning and maintenance equipment they’ll need to get it pristine again.

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Not sure exactly what it is you need? Give us a call or send an email describing your problem and we’ll do our best to come up with a solution. We’re open from 9:00 am every day, including Sundays and bank holidays. Monday to Saturday, we close at 5:30, Sundays and bank holidays we finish at 4:00 pm. Touchwood of Wetherby has the answers for your DIY, kitchen and gardening needs.

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Touchwood of Wetherby Ltd
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